Commercial Power Washing Services in Topeka, Lawrence, and Kansas City

Boost Your Curb Appeal for Your Business.

Experience why business owners in Topeka and surrounding areas call Curb Appeal Power Wash for their property exterior cleaning needs.

"We have hired Curb Appeal Power Wash to clean the machinery before the Topeka Farm Show. They do an excellent job making sure everything is showroom quality. Their process is quick yet thorough and I have only heard complements from my exhibitors. We highly reccomend Curb Appeal Power Wash!"

Brock N. via Home Advisor

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Bringing the right results for your commercial property exterior

As a business owner, are you looking for a reliable, professional exterior cleaning company to help restore your building exterior? Perhaps you have been concerned about the disruption that this could bring to your customers or business in general?

At Curb Appeal Power Wash, we are your go-to commercial pressure washing team. Need us to clean at off-peak hours, so there is no disruption to the workday? No problem. Are you looking for a uniformed, background-checked, and professional crew? That's us. Want to make sure that your commercial property exterior gives the best impression to customers and employees? We will meet and exceed this expectation for you.

We have the right equipment for your job.

Our team has the correct equipment to ensure that we can complete your pressure washing project to the highest standard.

We have the crew capacity to complete your project.

No matter if your commercial project is big or small in size, we have multiple crews that we can send out so that we can complete your project in good time and provide you with the best results.

Effective Communication Throughout

Right from the start, we will keep you in the loop during the whole process. We will also communicate with your own customers while we are performing your power washing service so that everyone is aware of what is going on!

Commercial Exterior Cleaning in Topeka

Do you have a lovely tree covering close by? A north-facing wall? Or mildew on your neighbor's building? If so, you might experience mold and mildew growth our your walls too. It may just look like dirt, black stripes, and even green moss, but our team of trained professionals will safely and effectively remove it for you. Whether you have an Apartment Facility, Condos, Shopping Mall, Bank, or any other commercial building, we are the right cleaners for you. Let our team give your property some clean curb appeal!

Commercial exterior cleaning in TopekaPower washing commercial sidewalk, Topeka

Sidewalks & Drive-Thru Cleaning in Topeka

If you noticed it, then so do your customers. Dirty, dingy, moldy, fluid spots and even bubble gum can plague restaurants and other businesses. We tackle these with the right soaps because stains and surfaces need to be treated properly. Next, we use hot water and the right techniques because we want to get a clean surface for your businesses without the risk of any damage to it. Allow us to keep your property clean with recurring services. We make it easy to meet your company's cleaning goals.

Parking Garage Cleaning in Topeka

Is your parking garage in need of a hot bath? Dust build-up, oil drips, spiderwebs, dirt, and sand can all make your parking environment unattractive. Allow us to help you achieve your parking garage cleaning goals on your schedule!

Parking garage cleaning in TopekaFleet vehicle washing in Topeka

Fleet Washing Services in Topeka

Let us keep your fleet looking impressive. Bugs and road grime don't scare us. Truck, trailer, heavy equipment, it doesn't matter — we come to you and clean your fleet properly with our commercial-grade pressure washing equipment.

Construction Clean Up

Before you turn over your building project to your customer, hire us for the final exterior cleaning. We have the right equipment and correct techniques to make your project shine, just as you built it to.

Construction clean-up services in TopekaHigh rise cleaning in Topeka

High Rise Cleaning

Got a big cleaning project? We can clean up to 7 stories. We work with local equipment rental companies for a lift solution and file any needed permits with the local city. We keep updated with all the necessary safety training and will work after hours to not interrupt your customer traffic. We clean all the exterior to include roofs, siding, and exterior windows.

“Jake and his crew do excellent work. His response time was almost immediate and he was able to schedule our work project to be completed without having to wait long. I would highly recommend him and his company. And great personable customer service with a smile.”

David M. via Home Advisor

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